The preservation of the Environment is one of the main focuses of SDT Electrónica.  The company guarantees environmental protection by monitoring all operations and interactions with the environment, namely:

• Minimizing the production of waste and promoting its recovery and treatment;

• Fostering initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility;

• Stimulating the development and diffusion of technologies that protect the environment;

• Optimizing resource consumption;

• Applying whenever possible the rule of the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle.



SDT Electrónica consciously manages relations with its suppliers and partners,  supported by policies and procedures that guarantee alignment and compliance with the ethical requirements demanded by society.

Having a concern with the way in which its suppliers, service providers and other partners act in terms of their behaviour in terms of economics, environment, safety, ethics and conduct towards human and animal rights, considering that these are fundamental factors for creating a relationship of trust.

National intellectual development is also a permanent focus of its activities, by encouraging placement in functional areas of its corporate structure of new talents for professional internships, allowing their initiation into the professional world. In addition, it participates annually in Innovation and Development projects.