Service Assurance

Our service assurance policy ensures seamless, reliable operation and full visibility the solutions we deploy. We have partnered and develop a set of tools that allow proactive monitoring both of the network and services. Trust our team to deliver comprehensive service assurance, allowing you to focus on your core business.


SDT has put together a set of tools and platforms to allow operators to monitor their services from a network perspective (QoS) as well as from a device/use angle (QoE).

The combination of these two dimensions allows a comprehensive understanding of the quality of service being delivered.


E2E Video monitoring solution built using a platform capable of “seeing” from the HE enconding up to all OTT ABR video distribution complemented by an agent capable of collecting a rich suite of QoE KPIs like video buffering, black frames, video halts, etc.



  • MPEG-2 TS integrity checks: RTP Packet Loss, Jitter.
  • Video Quality: Blockiness, Black frames, Freeze frames.
  • Audio Quality: Loudness (CALM, ITU, EBU), Level, Silence.
  • Package Integrity and ABR compliance: URL validation, Manifest validation.



  • Playing, Paused, Resumed, Stopped​.
  • Buffer ratio, Buffering Started and stopped​.
  • Play time, Join time​.
  • Sleep/resume​.
  • EBVS, ABR profile changes, average bit rate.

Fault & Performance

Help operational teams to predict, detect and resolve service problems and network outages.

Adding ML and AI algorithms improve your proactive approach to service assurance, across all major wireless and wireline network technologies.


Pave the path from NOC to SOC using a use case by use case framework method to start monitoring service availability complemented by network availability.


Use Machine Learning algorithms to correlate events and alarms creating “meaningful” events that can speed up RCA analysis.


Design service KPIs based on use cases to immediately understand the impact on how many and what customers have been impacted by a network outage.


Use analytics insights to expedite the resolution of fault, performance, and service events by locating the source of problems with machine learning algorithms.


SDT can provide a set of tools that apply patented AI and Machine-Learning algorithms on large volumes of data to reveal deep, actionable insights detecting correlations and anomalies that cannot be traced by human inspection.


  • Alarms screening.
  • Alarms and events correlation (correlation engines).
  • Create predictive alarms based on network and service patterns.