SDT new offices in Colombia

Demonstrating a commitment to global growth, SDT Electronica is delighted to announce the opening of its latest delegation in Colombia. This strategic expansion not only bolsters the company's international presence but also builds on the positive synergies established through its existing delegation in Mexico..

Solid Growth.

The new delegation in Colombia is strategically positioned to fortify SDT Electronica's foothold in the Latin American market, presenting an opportunity for enhanced collaboration with local businesses, closer engagement with clients, and a deeper understanding of the region's technological landscape.

"We are excited to mark the inauguration of our delegation in Colombia, a country with a thriving technological sector. This expansion aligns with our mission to strengthen global connections and cater to the specific needs of diverse markets," explains Bertrand Bouet, CEO at SDT Electrónica.

The Colombia offices will serve as a new hub for sales, customer support, and collaborative ventures, fostering a dynamic environment for technological innovation and excellence. Clients and partners in Colombia can now readily access SDT Electronica's comprehensive portfolio, building on the company's reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction.

For more information about SDT Electronica and its expanded presence in Colombia, check out Where we are.

A stronger network for Latin America.

Drawing on the success of the already established Mexican delegation, SDT Electronica anticipates positive synergies that will contribute to the company's ability to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients across the Latin American region.

A stronger network for Latin America.