SDT Electrónica has a new brand.

To reflect its commitment to innovation, growth, and the future, SDT Electrónica is proud to announce a comprehensive corporate image rebranding. The strategic initiative aims to modernize and revitalize the company's visual identity, aligning it with the evolving landscape of the telecommunications sector.

Systems integration and digital technologies.

The refreshed brand image features a contemporary logo, vibrant color palette, and a dynamic design that symbolizes SDT Electrónica's innovating approach and role as an integrator. The rebranding is not just a cosmetic change but a reflection of the company's evolution, highlighting its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

"As we continue to expand our presence, it was crucial for us to have a brand image that resonates with our values and communicates our vision for the future," says Bertrand Bouet, CEO at SDT Electrónica. "Our new logo and visual identity capture the essence of our commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction."

The rebranding initiative extends beyond the visual elements, encompassing a renewed focus on customer engagement, product innovation and integrator excellence approach. SDT Electronica remains steadfast in its mission to deliver high-quality solutions while embracing a strong and dynamic partner attitude.

Your trusted innovation partner.

"We believe this rebranding will not only strengthen our position in the market but also resonate with our existing and prospective clients. It's a reflection of our commitment to adapt, grow, and lead in an ever-changing technological landscape," added Bruno Fazenda, CCO.

SDT Electrónica invites everyone to explore the reimagined brand and looks forward to continuing its journey of innovation and excellence in the field of telecommunication solutions.