Deliver a consistent multi-user, multi-gigabit experience across the home with AI-driven connected home solutions.

Broadband Access

XGS PON FTTH solutions are the primary choice for Gigabit services to the home. That’s why we’ve laid the path for multigigabit home networks with high-performance OLTs and ONTs that support a wide range of applications with industry-leading voice, data, and video capabilities.

DOCSIS 4.0 technology enables the next generation of broadband over hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks, delivering symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds while supporting high reliability, high security and low latency.


  • DOCSIS 4.0.
  • XGS PON.
  • vOLT.
  • Distributed Access Architecture – DAA.

Transmission & IP

Transmission and IP networks are the heart and veins of the modern telecommunications networks, with the evolution to multi tera bit per optical interface.

It is part of the company strategy to deliver Open Wave architectures enabling faster innovation cycles, eliminating vendor lock-in and lowering TCOs.


  • Coherent Optical Technology.
  • Machine Learning/AI.
  • Optical/ROADM Technology.
  • Nyquist Subcarriers.


FTTH optical passive components supply/installation and extensive expertise to support end to end complex solutions for Telecommunications projects.


  • FTTH community broadband.
  • Fiber to the node (FTTN).
  • Fiber to the small cell (FTTSC).


Complete CPE Offering for true end to end projects integration which also includes service orchestration for vCPE allowing the life cycle extension of legacy equipment’s.


Move applications that used to run on Gateways onto a cloud based platform capable of managing own developed applications as well as 3rd party applications.


  • Low Latency DOCSIS application (guarantied QoS for real time applications like gaming and voice services).
  • vWire Connects multiple sites at different locations into a single LAN.
  • vGateway: Runs any standard gateway distribution in a virtualized environment.
  • F-Secure FW application (3rd party).