Deliver purpose-built media services based on cloud and appliances, transforming, and delivering digital content fast and reliably. Pay-as-you-go and flexible offers.

Video Processing

Helping operators to deliver the best video quality at a minimum bandwidth.

Time to market acceleration to deliver a comprehensive suite of video services to all screens.

Processing live video sources into multiple formats suitable to any kind of network access: DVB (cable and satellite), IPTV and OTT.


  • High performing processing.
  • Multi ABR OTT streaming.

Video Delivery

Getting a modular platform to handle the complete video workflow from transcoding, origin/packaging, storage, to content delivery (including SDT’s open source CDN product).

Handle all requests using a CDN selector assuring customers are served by the best possible cdn node.

SDT can help you find the best fit to your needs, from on prem solutions to a complete cloud workflow.

Highly cost effective solutions.


  • Smart CDN solutions.
  • Ultra-low latency.
  • Modular and scalable architecture.

Video Cloud

AWS Elemental appliances and Media Services are a family of services which are the foundation of cloud-based video workflows.

They offer the capabilities you need to contribute, create, package, transport, monetize and deliver video, all accessible through the AWS Management Console and APIs.

Demand for Video has increased massively in the last years and predictions don’t show any slow down. Whether onprem or in Cloud, SDT has a solution.


  • Encoding.
  • Packaging/Origin.
  • Distribution.
  • CDN CloudFront.
  • FAST channel.
  • Ad Insertion.
  • Translation/Transcription/Subtitling/Captioning.


  • Content replacement in live channels.
  • Online channel creation.
  • SDT’s Cloud Video Solution automates the creation and distribution of Live events and VoD workflows within minutes using AWS media services.
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery of OTT Headends.
  • Data migrations to AWS Cloud of large content libraries.