Today, the focus of Next Generation Networks (NGN) is centred on the evolution and implementation of its access component. This is valid both for fixed as well as for mobile networks. We at SDT are committed to be your partner in this journey.

Open Networks

ORAN design, implementation and support providing an end-to-end service offer.

Disaggregated Broadband Access solutions to replace proprietary “black box” hardware with cloud-based, software-driven virtual OLTs.


  • 5G Ready.
  • RIC – RAN Intelligent Controller.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • xGSPON.
  • vOLT.
  • Decoupling the control plane from the user plane.

Indoor Coverage

Use of Distributed Antenna Systems to allow 4G/5G venue coverages efficiently with high service quality.

Projects upgrade from passive systems to active system in a multitenant topology.


  • vRAN.
  • Cloud-Native.
  • Containerized.
  • Microservices-Based.

Private Networks

Development of mobile private 4G/5G networks in geographies that have spectrum available or in partnership with operators.

E2E Integration capabilities that cover Computing, RAN and CORE.


  • Use case by use case approach with the wright consortium/partners.
  • Different verticals.
  • Convergent, Scalable and Flexible Architecture.

Telco Cloud

Network Functions Virtualization and cloud-native technologies are being broadly adopted, from Core to Access networks.

5G, Open Networks and Private Networks are accelerating this trend.

On top of it, Network provisioning/configuration automation, service orchestration and device configuration will lead more and more to zero touch operation.


  • Cloud-native.
  • Virtualization/Containerization orchestration.
  • Datacenter automation.
  • Service Provisioning​/Service Discovery/Reconciliation​.
  • Zero-touch provisioning.
  • Network Topology Discovery/Visualization.
  • Security audits & configuration consistency check.